About Us


the ETHNORTH GALLERY is a brand based in Tokyo, Japan and we also have a physical store and gallery space in Yanaka which is an old district in eastern Tokyo.

We actually started out as a record company NATURE BLISS back in 2007, and previously released around 250 albums from around the world. And in July 2014, the ETHNORTH GALLERY was established to explore further into different cultures.


There are unknown people in the world, creating beautiful things and playing amazing sounds. And there are precious natural materials lying here and there on earth. We are producing each items carefully to make them fit into our modern lifestyle with the hope to introduce these hidden gems. Basically, we work with the local artisans by direct trade, often by visiting their studios. And we mainly focus on natural materials, handicrafts, traditional customs and cultures which is peculiar to the place, and explore the ways to spread it’s beauty. Because we believe that the chain reactions of essentially beautiful things will provide richness to our daily lives. Materials, textures, shapes and colors - An endless journey of seeking for beautiful things.


As I step deeper into Asia, it made me wonder what true richness is about. In the late autumn, I saw a mother of the Miao tribe, washing vegetables inside the freezing cold river while carrying her baby on the back, wrapped inside their handwoven fabric. The visuals of the people living close to the nature hit me with an impact. I even felt richness and somewhat jealous in their simple life style. But when you visit another place, there are children who can't even go to school. On the other hand, we live in an extremely developed society where everything is so convenient. But again, people can easily get ill by the stress of society. Our mission is to work closely with great craftsman and beautiful materials from mainly the developing countries to make a quality modern product, wishing to provide the "modern society" a grasp of comfort through the warmth of handmade products, and natural materials which are nowadays lesser seen.