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The ethnographic Gallery

The world's Manual of work and music ethno ethno [ethnical] in English as represented in ethnic cuisine. The meaning of "collaboration of a wide variety of people with us who is relative to the north" in the language of + north north is often produced in the music side. Through the making of things, it is a feeling of harmony with various peoples and countries.

In addition to us as a brand-made Brandt, we operate a shop which introduces various ethnic handicrafts, including Japan, in Yanaka, Tokyo. Moreover, the second floor is a gallery space, and it is a social space where various classrooms are useful for exhibitions, lectures, and life which resonates with our philosophy.

We have introduced music around the world as nature bliss, but the ethnos Gallery has started to introduce things, things, culture and so on. It is an unpleasant pleasure to spread such a circle of activities that encourage people to live their lives and encourage private exchanges in each country.

Things that are handled

People who do not make a terrible thing somewhere in the world or sound an unexpected sound. The ethnos Gallery (also known as "snorth") introduces the handicrafts that are being forgotten in the present life, focusing on the things of the developing countries, and sells the lovable goods that become the healing of the bundle.

A hand woven indigo dyeing apron and madam made in collaboration with Laos' small family management shop from the satin mat, handkerchief, handkerchief, embroidery coaster, and embroidery luncheon in Guizhou, China (natural dyeing silk Kasuri cloth) The original goods such as the bag that reused, and the shoe bottom stitched with the cloth are charming naming shoes of North Korea, the hardcore rigid scissors made by craftsmen of southern Taiwan, and the cloth of the sea such as the cute succulent plant, the American driftwood and the shell They are made up of old tables, cupboards, old tools and cloths around the world, and come to India's cute seats and bench .

In addition, it is the music favorite company, and it is carefully selected from the about 250 pieces that have been released so far to the concept of the store, and the label of the same name is launched, and the search of the music journey is deepened.

If you see the chain of keywords listed below, you might be able to understand the overall atmosphere of the shop.


Nature, climate, culture, meeting, travel, folk art, tradition, craftsmen, everyday supplies, universal design, vintage, secular change, one point, recycling, circulation, connection, fair trade, eco friendly, organic, health, and peace.


The modern society, which has achieved the development of the level of life, has been changed to the same expression, and the front of the station is changed to the same expression, the old good craftsmen's shop is selected into the chain store, and the disposable and rational mass production is mainstream It is a reality that cannot be said that it is rich and it is not material.it is material.and it is material.and it is the reality that there are people who are not materialistic and poor to go to the school. The old method is not to be good, and it is not good either, it is not good, and it doesn't stop, and it is not In the developing countries, we have started to develop a better life in the developing country, and we have seen the handicrafts that have less opportunity to see in the modern society, and started with the hope that we can create a chance to look for the peace of mind and the relationship between ourselves and society It is also the introduction of the technique, because it is a place where the appearance of such "old good" still remains though it chose the place of the valley foot.

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