Privacy Policy

If you use this website or purchase a product, you need to read the "privacy policy" below and read the agreement. If you do not agree, you cannot purchase the item.
1. About customer information
Customer information is information about a person who lives, and the person who can identify a specific individual by the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, other description, etc.included in the information. This can be collated with other information, which can identify certain individuals.
2. The purpose of use of customer information
(1) to carry out the obligations in the trading transaction (2) to carry out the after-sale service in the trading business (3) to guide special services and new products to customers, and (4) for the guidance of the above We will use customer information for the purpose of sending and sending mail magazine, DM, various notices, etc. to only the applicant. Except for these purposes, we do not use it except in the case described in the following 3 or when you agree to the customer beforehand.
3. Consignment of customer information to third parties
You may entrust all or part of your customer's information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
Provision of customer information to third parties
We do not provide customer information to third parties without prior consent.
Joint use of customer information
We will jointly use customer information with the company listed below.
Items of customer information jointly used Your name, address, telephone number, email address, purchased item information, etc
Scope of persons jointly used
Nature bliss(Hon Sai and management company)
Purpose of use of the users In order to carry out the business entrusted to the delivery of goods, such as delivery of goods. To guide customers with special services and new products. For the purpose of sending an after-sale service to customers
A person responsible for the management of customer information Nature bliss
6. Using cookies
This service can send and store text files called "cookies" in the storage device of your computer. By using "cookies", you can see the content of the fields you might be interested in, for example, Merritt. You may refuse to receive cookies via your decision by setting the browser to alert before receiving the cookie, but this service may not be available.
Inquiry about customer information
Please contact the "business name and contact" in the title of the specific transaction law of this website.