Buying guide

Purchase flow

You can put your desired item into the cart, and it will be the flow of accounting. If you purchase only one item you have selected, press the buy now button and proceed to accounting.

If you select multiple or multiple products of the same item, press the Add button and add the item and proceed to your account.

If you have multiple designs, click on the name of the type of design, and the image of the item will appear.

If you enter the shipping information, the postage will be displayed in the automatic calculation, and the total amount of payment is shown, so please choose the payment method if not. If you pay for PayPal or AMA pay (only in Japan), you will see the settings in each. In any case, the total amount of shipping is displayed at the end, so if you have no problem, press the order order button. Delivery fee detailsHereSee.

If you have a discount coupon, enter the coupon code in the coupon input column at the time of your accounting, and the final amount after the discount is displayed. In addition, it becomes free of charge by 10000 yen or more (tax).

After purchase, an automatic delivery email that tells you that the order is complete arrives to the email address. And, we will contact you from the person in charge of the date of delivery to the store business day. In addition, we will send you the notification number of the baggage and the notification email that can be downloaded.

  • Gallery & shopIt is in the valley of Taito ward, Tokyo. It is possible to purchase it by the mail order, and to receive the item to the store and specify it, and in that case, it is free of charge. You can see the article of the article in the mail order at the store.

  • If you would like to buy gift box, please contact usMail formPlease contact us. I'll wrap it up without charge.

  • A real storeOrImag lambIn this case, chat box andMail formPlease contact us. It also accepts a request for re receipt of the item with no inventory.

  • Because there are not a few points, for example, "want to see other kinds", "the photograph of different angle" and "please want to know the details of the finer goods", please question.

Settlement method

Payment method can be chosen from below.

- credit card payment (visa, master, AMEX, JCB)
- PayPal
Amery pie
Bank transfer (in Japan only)

After you enter the delivery information, the screen will be displayed to select the payment method. Please push the purchase button in case of bank transfer. Then transfer your bank account. Please note that the transfer fee will be charged to the customer and the order will be cancelled automatically after 7 days from the date.


We will ship within 3 business days after confirmation of payment, but delivery will be closed on Saturdays, days, holidays and our closed days. Delivery means varies depending on the weight of the luggage and delivery area.


It is not possible to return goods unless there is a defect in the commodity and the mistake shipment. Please return to us within 7 days of arrival. If you have an inventory, we will send you an alternative item. Please note that we have not received any return goods for the goods and the one item of the goods of the vintage and antique goods beforehand.

Membership registration

The personal information in the member registration is used only for the purpose of the purchase procedure and the direct mail (only for the delivery person) at the mail order site. For detailsPrivacy policySee.