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Bamboo rice in rice

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It is a kago with a lid made by knitting bamboo thicts in the village of Banchen in Laos.When we go to Laos, the glutinous rice, the staple food of them, has come out now.On the other hand, it is used instead of ohidatsu, but it is possible to use the sewing set, the plants, the tea utensils, and the use of the tea utensils.Three sizes for S, M, and L.

  • Size:
    S =
    Diameter 120 x height 100mm
    M = diameter: 170 x height, 140 mm
    L = diameter 200 x height 160mm
  • Weight:
    S = 85g (weight 271g for shipping charges)
    M = 230g(weight 271g for the establishment of a shipping charge)
    L = 290g
  • Main material: bamboo
  • Place of production: Laos