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Three knot (three knot) knot and knot (the flag): Ren

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The popular three-tie flag 袍 by domestic brand [hundred years]! This will be a material of 100% linen that can be worn during the year.It is a lightness as if it is a fabric.

The three-tie flag series is characterized by wearing and wearing three points in the side, and three points in the side, as if the banner (Chipao) and the work clothes were mixed. . It is made by imaging a beautiful point that takes about a string. With free size, size notation is longer because it is large manual.

  • size: Length 660, land length 630, ledgy 500mm
    Shoulder 160, Sleeve Length 560, Sleeve Equal Sorpse 160mm
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Maintaining material: 100% hemp
  • Production location: Japan