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AS001 (AS001)

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Silver accessories made by ethnic minorities including the Karen people from northern Thailand to Myanmar.More than 92.5 % of high purity silver, which is light and soft.It is very easy to design with a distinctive, distinctive design.This is all pierced.If you are concerned about the use of black squirts and other things, it is better to wear toothpaste pollination.

  • Size:
    Dot Hook = 12 mm in diameter(Parts beyond Hooks)
    Square Circle L 30 x horizontal 18mm(Parts beyond Hooks)
    Happy Flower 16mm Diameter
    Three Circle30 x 16mm wide
    WaqVertical 57 x 22 mm (lower than hooks)
    Deia30 x 25mm side-by-side
    Rajimoondepth 13 x 46mm (part of the month)
  • Weight:
    Dot Hook-6g
    Square Circle L = 4g
    Happy Flower = 4g
    Three Circle-6g
    Rasimoon 11g
  • Main Material: Silver
  • Country of production: Thailand