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Karen silver Pierce (as023 / as024 Series)

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A silver accessory made by Karen from northern Thailand to Burma. It is 92.5% or more of high purity silver and is characterized by light and soft. It is easy to attach with the characteristic design. All this becomes pierce type. If you feel like using a toothpaste, it becomes better if you rub it with toothpaste.

  • Size:
    Turtle = 8x width 7mm
    Three leaf 6 x 6 mm wide
    Heart dot6 x 6 mm wide
    Box small8 x 8 mm wide (the tip of hook)
    Heart leaf8 x 10 mm wide (the tip of hook)
    Heart small6 x 12 mm wide (the tip of hook)
  • Weight:
    2 turtle
    Tripod = 2G
    Heart dot
    Box small box
    Heart leaf
    Heart small
  • Main material: Silver
  • Thailand Province