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Karen Silver Necklace

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Silver accessories produced by the Karen family, which are distributed from northern Thailand to Myanmar. It is a light and soft feature with a high purity silver of 92.5% or more.It is easy to be very easy with the distinctive design. This is a necklace, and there are various things with transparent beads on the way.

  • size:
    Bubble = full length 480mm, head part vertical 10mm
    Pattern entrance circle = Total length 490mm, head hand 7mm
    Two spheres = Length 440mm, large ball diameter 8mm
    Polycarbon spheres = Length 470 mm, ball diameter 12 mm
    Multi-face square 3 mm long of 390 mm long, large square
    Pattern entrance sphere = Length 480mm,10 mm diameter of ball
  • weight:
    Bubble = 5g
    Pattern entrance circle = 8g
    Two-sphere = 4G
    Polycarbon spheres = 5 g
    Multi-face square = 3G
    Pattern entrance sphere = 4G
  • Main material: Silver
  • Made in Thailand