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Lawman Glass Necklace

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Glassware made from the Rome era to the Susan period Persian period from about 1600 to 2000 years ago is called Roman glass. In the harsh nature of the times, the sand gave rise to the chemical reaction on the surface of the glass and gave the majestic brilliance called silver. This is an atelier Saji's carefully selected Roman glass and accessories are very beautiful.

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  • Size:
    Investment ball = total length 420 mm, vertical 15x lateral 10mm
    Mosaic fragment Full length 460mm, diameter 20mm
    Blue Roman Total length: 470 mm, vertical 35 x 10 mm
    Green long Total length: 640 mm
  • Weight:
    Fight ball   20G (271 g of weight for shipping)
    Mosaic fragment = 25g
    Blue Roman  = 15g(271 g of weight for shipping)
    Green long(271 g of weight for shipping)
  • Material: Roman glass
  • Country of production: Japan