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FUQUGI Planter (Curve)

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A planter made by carefully scraping out high-quality Yoshino cedar in the Motobo Fuqu (Fukugi) in the mountains of Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The interior effect that utilizes natural wood grain is high. Since the surface is urethane coating, moisture may not be moved. The bottom holes also have a water bloomed plastic network, and if possible for the lower saucer, it can also be used directly if it is prepared. Or it is safe to put in a small bowl directly like a photo. It is also recommended as a gift. Photographic plants are not included.

※ This product has the same thing as one of its nature. If you have not particularly requested, you will send you what you chose here, but if you want to choose in advance, before purchasinginquiryPlease give me.

  • size:
    Curved type = diameter 900 x high 900 mm (diameter 800 mm)
  • High hand type =Diameter 950 x 190 mm(A diameter 750 mm, high ground height 20 mm)
  • weight:
    Curve type = 80g (weight for shipping setting 271 g)
    High-hand type = 125 g  (Weight for shipping setting 271 g)
  • Main material: wood
  • Production site: Kagoshima