FUQUGI cedar cup (CUP Q)
FUQUGI cedar cup (CUP Q)
FUQUGI cedar cup (CUP Q)
FUQUGI cedar cup (CUP Q)

FUQUGI cedar cup (CUP Q)

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Our long-selling item. Studio FUQUGI in the mountains of Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture(Fukugi)AtHigh-quality Yoshino cedarA cup made by carefully carving out. There is also heat retention, which is also a special product of cedar, and you can enjoy cold foods coolly. It has a smooth texture and is irresistible for cold sake and beer lovers. The surface is coated with safe edible urethane, and it is nice to be able to wash it with ordinary detergent. As it is a wooden product, please avoid using it in a microwave oven or dishwasher for a long time.

* Due to the nature of this product, there is no single product that is the same. If you do not have any particular request, we will send you the one you selected here, but if you want to select in advance, before purchasingContact UsPlease give me.

  • size:
    M = diameter 700 x height 95mm (caliber 570mm)
    S = Diameter 700 x Height 80mm(Caliber 570mm)
  • weight:
    M = 60g (Weight for shipping setting 271g)
    S = 45g (Weight for shipping setting 271g)
  • Main material: wood
  • Producing area: Kagoshima