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Three connection flag 上 衣 cotton linen [hundred years]

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Three of the most popular Japanese brands of "100 years," which have been solodoout for a long time, have a new color on the knot, and the two colors of the beige and grey color of the bright spring are bright.

The fabric is 45 percent cotton and 55 percent linen, but it feels like the feeling of a kind of sweet texture that has been put up for a long if it were a blanket of cloth.

The three knot series of knot are made by wearing the china uniform, Chiapao, and the robe made by mixing it with a slit that has a big side, and a string with a string of three.It is made by image of a beautiful work that connects the strings.It is free-size, and its size notation is backwards due to many manual work.

  • Size: Minatake 640, 640 Kimitake, 530mm Miyakin
    Katain 160, Sodetake 570, Sodeokakin, 160mm
  • Weight: 240g, 271g (weight for shipping settings)
  • Main Material: 45 % cotton, 55 % hemp
  • Land of production: Japan