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Kariginu Best [100 Years]

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It is a light vest, as if it were a piece of cloth, by the domestic brand [100 years].I could not help feeling the feeling of a wind coming in from my back, but I could not help feeling the joy.It is a structure that connects the sides with a dark-blue string of two colors, but it is easy to wear from the beginning.It is a free size, but in size notation, it is often used as a result of manual effort.Use the last picture as an example of a kimawan.

* The stitch part is identical to the body of the body as shown in the photograph, while the color of the color of the same color is similar to that of the body, but the impression is equal to that of the one that looks like the one in the same color.

  • Size: 590 Miyabatake, 480, 530 mm in cape
    The shoulder cloth is 120, the sleeve hood is 320mm (from the shoulder to the corp), and the cord length is 500mm.
  • Weight: 125g
  • Main material: hemp 55 %, cotton45%
  • Land of production: Japan