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fish spoon

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There are two new designs in the popular flower-made spoon. There are two types of fish-type, right-turned, and left-turned.The right-facing type feels right-handed, but you don't have to use either of them, so choose to use it for easy use.DoThe Uxe wood is a bright, dark shade of wood, very hard and durable.She's so cute that she brings out an inergating interior effect in the kitchen, and every time she uses it, she's laughing at smiles.One does not have the same moth or color.After washing it, blowing dry by a dry fkin, and sometimes it takes a long time to paint it with oil from nature.Osmime is used for powder-like seasoning such as sugar and salt.

  • Size:Length 140 (with 95) x-width 40 mm xSakuhu subheight: 12mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Main Material:wood
  • Place of origin: Vietnam