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Box of 檳

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Taiwan Nashao (NASHAO) by Jamu Taiyan (Tire Tribe) and Amani (AMI) joint representative, making it to reuse nature that has fallen naturally. This product is used in Taiwan's foliel and the leaf sheath part of the Puitido region (leaves and parts wrapping a stem). This is a lid box like L, M, S and 3 size deployment lunch boxes. It is recommended for painting letter.

※ Please note that since there is no natural plant skin itself, so there is no same pattern as one. If you want to choose, please contact us before purchase. Also, the dimensions of the notation are around 10%.

  • size:
    S = horizontal 160 x longitudinal 100 x height65mm
    M = horizontal 175 x vertical 120 x height65mm
    L = horizontal 200X Vertical 130 x Height 65 mm
  • weight:
    S = 70 g (weight for shipping setting 271 g)
    M = 73g(Weight for shipping setting 271 g)
    L = 75 g(Weight for shipping setting 271 g)
  • Main material: 檳 榔
  • Production location: Taiwan