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Water horn cutlery (normal type)

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It is a normal design without hand carvingCutlery with buffalo horn.Mouth is veryRecommended for dessert because it is smooth. High heatBecause it forms, it is used for food with heatAvoid. This is the color of the water buffalo horn itself.

* this product does not have the same one. Especially if you don't like it, please send us what you have chosen beforeInquiryPlease.

  • Size:
    Teaspoon = length 85 X width 38mm xScoop height
    Mini = =Length 75 (handle 30)X width 18 mm x   Scoop height
    Butter knifeLength 160   X width 21 mm x tip height
    Brace =Length 145X width 44 mm x   Scoop height
  • Weight:
    Tea leaf = 6g
    Mini pin = 1g
    Butter knife
    Brace = 14g
  • Main material: Buffalo Horn
  • Production site: Vietnam