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ParoSanto (2 sets)

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You may be asked about the smell in the store, but the correct identity is here. In the field, it is a scent that is used for the ritual called parsant (God's trees), but it smells as it is, but if you cook the fire, the smell is filled in the blink. It will be used for a long time because it will disappear a little and you can actually use it. It is said that there is a purification action, and it is recommended when you want to be relaxed and concentrated! It is a standard item in the standard of our shop. Two woods in the image photo are packed for sale.

  • Size: Length 100 front and back x horizontal 10 front and back x depth 10 mm around
    * The shape is not uniform as a picture
  • Weight: 10g
  • Main material: tree
  • Production Country: Ecuador