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"Mangduration" Joe mango [CD]

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This is the best selling album in our store, released from this music business. This is the second album by Joe mango, based in Glasgow, UK. In addition to her crystal voice that captivates Vincent vanian's "unique talents", she is a multi installer of the guitarist, Kalimba, Omni code which is the trademark of a multiplayer mentor It is the album that finished music using the music SOEs, Harmonium, grosken, and piano on the squeeze box three years ago.Online special price!

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  1. The black sun
  2. The moor the the moon
  3. Blue dawn light
  4. Ludwig
  5. The freedom of SeaMonsters
  6. Kingdom
  7. Evermore
  8. Every certty
  9. Crossties
  10. Cordelia
  11. Cordelia
  12. My little
  13. O this is goodbye