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"OTHER APE" Yusuke Koda [Digital Download]

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Aflobe Band Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra's former guitarist, Yusuke Yusuke (Yucta Yuusuke) 's second-sided guitarist, Aflobe Band Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra (Yucta Yusuke)' s second solo album "Other APE" is released for the first time in six years from the previous work "Mother Shape"! An extraordinary arrange, which has an extraordinary singing voice and any music genre, and an original arrangement that has been sublimated by the wonderful sight of an excellent nose, and an additional dimension.

"In recent years, all places on earth have become a place for human activity. Nameless desert, unfaunched jungle, peaks that have been sluggish, and the brightness of the light, the black sea, the black sea, the black sea. Those who have never been seen or touched by anyone until now have been exposed to the white day regardless of their preference. Even if you have a lively flower in the sun, the lively and shiny ones in a quiet silence will be arranged and attracted to the same line by human value standards. Anyway, humanity themselves are attracting themselves by its value criteria. In the previous work "MOTHER SHAPE", such as "I'm gone", "I'm broken", "I'm not likely to lose", as a result of emerging, the minimum and nostalgic world view Was done. Other APE, especially in operation, the dynamic change of humanity (evolution) will give a positive impact for life on earth, and along with it, the chaos and realistic chaos and realistic Changes in emotions were made to words and music. "MOTHER SHAPE" → "Other APE". As the Buddhist teacher carved Buddha statue from one wood, I removed the necessary words from the title of the previous work. We are now in the moment where homo-Sapiens evolves to Azer Ape. - BY Yusuke Koda

[Included music]

1. Distee of delusion
2. Post world
3. Moyamoya disease
4. If it's a lot, it's empty
5. A total of 2
6. My large group
7. Overall

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