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Copper (small) soothed (small) tategozales

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Forged gold is a technique of making various living articles such as tea utensils and liquor by using the attributes and ductility of metals such as gold, silver, and copper, and by stretching and shrinking it. This is a traditional craftsman, and the forging machine which lasts from the Taisho Period.The kyusu by nagahisa Nagasawa III of Nagasawa seisakusho.

This is a copper puffer, and his hands won't get hotIt has a hand knitting cap, and it has a hand knit capYes. Attachable metal teaspoon also included.Because it has good heat conductivity, it is recommended to those who like thick tea, and there is also antibacterial effect. Copper is beautiful, and it is a very splendid thing. AgainIt is not only beauty but also the role that increases the strength of the main body.

  • Size: 80 x 77 mm in diameter
  • Capacity: 250 CC
  • Weight: 175 g (271 g in weight)
  • Main material: copper, rattan
  • Location: Tokyo