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Copper cup (small)

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Debt is a technology that makes various daily necessities such as tea and liquors using metal attributes and ductility, such as gold, silver and copper, and produces various daily necessities such as tea and liquors, but this is the Arakawa-sector intangible cultural property De Yuji Nagasawa, which will continue from the Taisho era that is also specified.

This is a cup of copper,Copper is kept clean because there is an antimicrobial action. Copper is also beautiful and the end of life is a gem of the lifetime. AlsoThe male eyes that have been striking thousands of times in the tyan is not only beauty, but also the role of increasing the strength of the body.

  • Size: A diameter 73 x Has 80 mm
  • Weight: 175 g (weight for shipping setting 271 g)
  • Main material: copper
  • Production area: Tokyo