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Copper dusus circle (inside) color white tetragonal pattern

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While using metal of metal, silver and copper, it is a technology that makes various living products such as tea and sake using metal attributes and ductility, etc., but this is the third generation by traditional craftsman Dejin Products by Nagasawa Works, which leads to Mr. Nagasawa, Nagasawa.

This is a bronze of copper, so that the hand is not hotWrap the mossIt is.Since copper is good for heat conduction, it is recommended for those who like dark tea, and there is more antimicrobial action, so cleaning is okay only with dryness. Copper is also beautiful and the end of life is a gem of the lifetime. AlsoThe male eyes that have been striking thousands of times in the tyan is not only beauty, but also the role of increasing the strength of the body.

  • Size: diameter 100 x high 80 mm, 70mm held
  • Capacity: 380 cc
  • Weight: 235 g (weight for shipping setting 271 g)
  • Main material: copper
  • Production area: Tokyo