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Brass puffer tartar (large)

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The forging is the technology to use metal attributes such as gold, silver, copper, and so on, to shorten and shrink, to create various kinds of household goods, such as tea utensils and sake vessels. This is a traditional craftsman who has been trained in the Taisho period, and the Nagasawa ManufacturingIt was a haste made by the third head of the Toshihisa Nagasawa.

It was made of brass, and it was made of silver plating.Lifehands don't get hot.twine vines###data.The wearable metal chakushi is also attached to it.It is not only beauty, but also an increase in the strength of the main body, which is the shape of the malleye that has been struck thousands of times in the field.

*The bottom is worn on the bottom as shown in the last photograph, and this is the nature of the picture.

  • Size: 80 x high 90mm in diameter, 70 mm in hand
  • Capacity: 400cc
  • Weight: 230g (weight 271g for shipping charge)
  • Main Material: Brass + Silver Mecchi
  • Place of production: Tokyo