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Copper Beer Cup

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While using metal, metal, silver and copper metal attributes and ductility, it is a technology that makes various living products such as tea and liquors, etc., but this is the Arakawa-sector intangible cultural property. Dejin Yoshiharu Nagasawa Co., Ltd., which continues from the Taisho era, which is also specified.

This is a copper via cup,Copper is kept clean because there is an antimicrobial action. Like a photo, the surfacing pattern is different.

Copper is also beautiful for aging, and it is a gem of the lifetime. AlsoThe male eyes that strike thousands of thousand times hit in the Tanashi also play a role in increasing the strength of the body, not only beauty.

  • size:
    Kasane (large) = aperture 70 x high 120 mm
    Round thief (small) =A diameter 60 x high 105 mm
  • weight:
    Kasane (large) = 245 g
    Round (small) = 180g
  • Material: Copper
  • Production area: Tokyo