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Mountain vowel Purse

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It is a long wallet of the grapes of the mountains by Toshiko NINA, a Japanese torn/grape writer of Niigata.The inside is made of strong leather, and there are many places where the long wallet and long wallet are to be taken.For each use, the surface is a very beautiful candy with a hand resin, which is undergoing a change in longiteminth.

  • Size:
    Flower braided = 200 mm wide x 10mm long and 20 mm thick with a thickness
    Ajiro-knmi = 200 mm x wide x 100mm long and 25 mm thick
    Thessen-shaped knitting = 210mm x 110mm x Portrait 110mm, thick approximately 25 mm thick
  • Weight:
    Flower braided = 175g
    Ajuro knitting = 145g
    Thessen-patterned knitting = 180g
  • Main material: grapes, pea, fasner, fastener
  • Land of Production: Niigata