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"Baobabs" Alejandro Franov [CD]

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Argentina's Ogosho Alejandro Franov chose the African musical instrument Mubira (thumb piano) for the theme of this year's theme.The book, named Baobab, is dedicated to the symbol of the Earth's ancestor, the Baobab tree.It is a masterpiece that is so beautiful that a beautiful piece of music is dyed in my mind as if I could bring back memories of the ancient times.Jacket's illustrations are also written by Flanov.Special online price!

[Recording compositions]

  1. Amanecer
  2. De La Creacion
  3. Algunos Monos
  4. Van Al Arroyo
  5. Baobab
  6. The Un Pueblo Cercano
  7. Kariga Mombe
  8. Atardeciendo
  9. Un Nuevo Dia
  10. Ocarina
    • Specification: Paper Jacket, Works Reference
    • Size: 135 x 135mm
    • Weight: 35g
    • Country: Argentina