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Curf leather coin case

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Coin case using domestic scotejpn (read and read) brand using domestic calf leather leather. It is a very fast look, and the white strap attached from the neck is wonderful. This string is pulled out of the inside, so it will be easy to use as an ordinary coin case. On the back, the card insertion part, the inside of the card insertion part is two, and there are coin storage pockets, and if it is a normal card size (Kreca, Suica, etc.), every card part is fitted, and numerous You can add it. Two-color development of black and brown.

  • Size: horizontal 110mm x vertical 90 mm, Thickness 15-20mm
  • Weight: 60g (101 g for shipping setting 101 g)
  • Main material: calf leather
  • Production area: Kanagawa