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Dugong Black Monetary Mask (2)

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A mask of a black monkey called "Dege" by the Degon family who lives in a cliff of Mali in Africa. The monkey mask is considered to reflect the part of the human "wild", which is dangerous in savage. .

And, something is likely to do, but this mask is used in the Masked Dalk of the Funeral Vertal "Dama", and the death is involved, the soul is pulled away from the body, and the ancestors who protect people It will be used in such an important place to get the order of the confused world, taking it again. This is elongated, relatively lightweight, so it is easy to decorate in the room.

※ There is a crack that is cracked as soon as possible, but it does not break immediately. In addition, this is a vintage product and returned goods is disabled.

  • Size: Vertical 340 x Width 160 mm, back 110 mm
  • Weight: 590 g (weight for shipping setting 741 g)
  • Main material: tree
  • Production Country: Mari