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Guinea Glass Basket (Large)

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A basket made by hand-knitting Ginian glasses made in a small city in northern Guinea.It is a basket that combines the lightness and durability of the material. This is an oversized size, and it is also recommended as an interior of the room, such as toy.As the material is used, it will be closest to the color, so you can also enjoy the change of aged. Natural color isI am using a goat leather in my hand. The price is cheaper than the same size size and is easy to seek.
  • size:
    Natural = Horizontal 420 x depth 00 x Body height 330 x bottom diameter 240 mm
    Pink Style = Horizontal 430 x Depth 250 x Body height 340 xBottom diameter 260 mm
  • weight:
    Natural = 560 g(Weight for shipping installation 741 g)
    Pink Style = 490g(Weight for shipping installation 741 g)
  • Main material: Guinea glass, goat leather (Natural color only)
  • Production location: Guinea