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Dogon black monkey mask

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A black monkey mask called the "geese" by the Dongling in the cliff of Mari in Africa. The monkey mask is said to reflect the "wild" part of human beings that are wild and dangerous.

It is said that this mask is used in the masked dance of the Dharma of the funeral ceremony of the funeral of the Dharma of the funeral of the Dharma, bringing the soul away from the body, bringing it to the ancestor protecting the people, and regaining the order of the confused world. It becomes the one used in such an important place. It is 30 cm in height and 20 cm in depth, and there is a considerable weight, but please come to see the thing by all means.

* there is a crack in the head as shown in the last picture, but it does not crack immediately. In addition, this product is returned to one point in vintage goods.

  • Size: 300 x width 200 mm wide
  • Weight: 1525 G
  • Main material: tree
  • Country of origin