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Pottery Kataias (yurari series)

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Accessory using pieces of the traditional pottery made of yakimono yaki in Fukushima Aizu.It's like a treasure-like accessory that doesn't have the same thing as one.This is an earring type.The inner part of the ear is an inconspicuable, transparent type, as in the last photograph.

  • Size:
    3-stage silver sekkaku (triple corners of a silver line): 10 x x 25 mm long (the maximum part of pottery
    Four angles = 14 x 14 in 15 mm(Maximum Porcelain)
    Four-stage joint-four-stage squareHorizontal 8 x 30 mm(Maximum Porcelain)
    Kim Je-baek15 x wide, 32 mm long(Maximum Porcelain)
    White green with golden chalk10 x 23 mm by side(Maximum Porcelain)
  • Weight:
    Ginga Jitangan (3 dan): 4
    Four-square-four g
    Ginga 4-dan-tan-4: 4g
    Kim Ju-seo-4g
    Kim's heir, green, and green.
  • Main material: pottery
  • Production area: Fukushima