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Tour buffalo tote bag

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Niigata Crack Whereau / Mountain Writer A tear-friendly bag by Hitoko Nishiko. The old cloth kimono silk, cotton, white feather bin is broken into 5 mm width and one hand-woven. As in the picture, the back side of the hand part, the inner upper end, and the outer bottom, the inner side is two pockets on one side inside, and a large pocket with a zipper on the other side. increase.

  • Size: Vertical 270 x Side 400 mm, vertical 100 mm x horizontal 320 mm (bottom machi)
    Length 410 x Width 43 mm (holder)
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Maintaining material: BackwaterCotton, silk) , Polyester, synthetic leather
  • Production area: Niigata