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"Fuyudo Forest S-02" V vv studio [Bronze print]

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A bronze-printed painting by a Taiwanese artist, Kiwa HAYASHI (V vv studio).

Title:Fuyday Forest: S-02

-Bronze woodblock (etching) mezzotint technique
Japanese woodblock print paper/Japanese paper kamachi (Japanese woodblock print): Komeiro ink/hand stamp zome (hand-printing)
130 x 180mm
-A simplified form of paper made of paper by acrylic

-The work concept

It consists of a large tree of nature, a number of branches and leaves.It is impossible to predict, and in an indeterminate state, by the laws of nature, each leaf and branches grow to the right position without being covered by each other.And it survies in the rain and light, and it survits and draws a scene.


He is an artist who is based in Taipei, a graduate of the Architecture Department of the Taipei Practice University in LIN, SHIN-YU and V vv.It originates from an architectural viewpoint, and is made from drowings to copper versions and in the insternation.

-Mezzotint-Mezotint technique

It is one of the concave techniques of woodblock prints.It is a metal concave version such as a copper plate, with a bladed blade like a comb called a locker, and the whole edition is made of innumerated numbers of inscriptions and a line of small state.In addition, it is a piece of a piece of paper like burnisher, scraper, and a metal herrylike instrument, which is made by scraping and drawing, and the ink is chopped into a fine grinding of ink when it is imprinted, and it is removed from the unchopped part.As a result, the portion of the ink that remains chopped is colored by ink, and the part of the chopped part can be raised in white, and the part of the ink is raised in white.It is said that it is possible to enjoy subtle and dark light and darkness. (Wikipedia)

  • Size: 130 x 180mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Country: Taiwan