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"Young" V VV Studio [Wall-mounted object]

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Taiwan artist, wall hanging by Hayashi Shimoba (V VV Studio)object. Here, the part of the core is molded with a tea paper, and a half of the letter of revision is overlapped on the surface, and the surface is further produced with glue. As in the last photo, two screws are two screws, and a wall hanging cord is fixed. Monochrome texture is a beautiful minimal interior.

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Hayashi Shisho (Lin, SHIN-YU) / V VV STUDIO

Taiwan's Taipei Practice University Artist Taipei Artist Based in Taipei. Her architectural perspectives are the origin of her ideas, and are manufactured from drawing to copper plates and installations.

-What What is the Mezzotint Maison Tint Testing Technique?

One of the depressive editing techniques of print. A metal concave plate such as copper plate is a comb-like blade with a comb-like comb, or a lines of the spinning state are created. Furthermore, if you draw a picture with an instrument like a metal spider with a metal helicopter or a metal helicopter, draw a picture, and if you try to improve the ink, after rubbing the ink in a fine step, it is Wipe off. As a result, the portion where the chord remains dark and the color of the ink appears, and the part that is cut off is obtained in white. It is said that you can enjoy subtle brightness. (Wikipedia)
  • Size: diameter 200 xThickness about 10 mm
  • Weight: 135 g 
  • Country: Taiwan